Thursday, October 05, 2006

Vision 3.6 Stage File problem (Aug 30/06)

- stage files created in Hardware->Stage Control->X/Y Grid cannot initiate a proper measurement when loaded in Hardware->Measurement Options->Stitching->Stage File. The software will request starting position. Afterwards, if New Measurement is clicked, popup window appears: "V32 Measurement Error: Did not complete the measurement"

[Critical] Driver corrupted (Aug 9/06)

When performing rectangular stitching, a Windows blue-screen error occured. The measurement was succesfully run for at least 30 units.
The measurement parameter:
  • Turret: 5x
  • FOV: 1x
  • Backscan: 5um
  • Length: 80um
  • Focus to groove top
  • with our former measured maximum safe size 156mm x156mm, which results in 30856 stitching units.
Error message:
  • Technical Information
    • *** STOP: 0x000000D0 (0xBCBFC1C1, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x80547167)

ASCII file bugs (Aug 5/06)

Dataset and rectangular upper limit stitching bugs (Aug 2/06)

1) ASC datasets mismatch with OPD when saving with Bad Data marked as NULL
a) We took measurement with 5x turrent, 1x FOV of a 78rpm record.
b) As usual, top and bottom of grooves appear and sidewall information is missing. We turned on data restore to see interpolated sidewalls.
c) Save dataset as both ASC and OPD, the ASC dataset with Bad Data marked as NULL
d) Close Vision
e) Open Vision, and load ASC dataset
f) The ASC dataset will differ from OPD. OPD looks exactly like what we saved, while ASC is much different. The interpolated regions and the successfully captured regions seem to be switched. Note that this bug does not appear when Bad Data marked as NULL is unchecked

2) Inability to do "Save As" from a loaded ASC dataset
a) Once a new ASC dataset has been loaded, the File menu option for "Save Dataset As" disappears. This is not the case with OPD datasets.

3) Inability to save dataset with data restore interpolation

4) Rectangular stitching crash due to area upper limit
a) Set 50x turret, FOV 1x. Rectangular stitching enabled for 156mmx156mm. Any rectangular area bigger than this crashes, while area below does not.
b) Take new measurement, Vision crashes without warning after taking first measurement.

stitching errors (July 20/06)

1) Circular/Annular stitching does not support stitch from current location. Specifying an inner / outer diameter with "Use Current Location" starting option selected will still result in a modal dialogue that disables other actions when taking a new measurement. The modal dialogue requests for the user to specify boundaries for circular stitching, which can only be completed in the stitching "Teach" procedure.

2) Crashing Vision in Circular/Annular stitching mode
a) We specify inner/outer dimensions manually with Turret = 5x , FOV = 1x
Outer left edge of the sample: in our test, left corner of the "Y"
Outer top edge: two grids up and right from the origin
Outer bottom edge: 4 grids down from upper top edge point
Inner bottom edge: 1 grid up from bottom edge point
Resulting diameters
Outer: 0.4765 mm
Inner: 0.2315 mm
b) Select "New Measurement" results in a modal dialogue requesting the manual specification of outer left edge followed by clicking "Next". The "Next" button is greyed out and only clicking "Finish" will start stitching.

c) During measurement, the microscope appears to attempt to scan at a larger area than specified. It starts correctly at the outer left edge, but the other locations chosen seem to be offset from the other locations specified (outer top edge, outer bottom edge, inner bottom edge). From our limited observations, the three boundaries seem to be moved up and to the right from their originally specified locations.

d) After taking measurements and camera returns to outer left edge, Vision crashes with no prompt or error message.

3) Freezing and crashing Vision when attempting to use Stage File stitching using a manually created stage file from X/Y Grid. See Damon's blog ( for complete description. Will contact Veeco sales tomorrow with regards to bugs encountered for software update. We are currently using 3.50, released 8/8/05.

Damon's additional comments:
Stage-file stitching is explored, other than Simon's report, a few other points:

Only X-Y(rectangular) stage movement is provided in the Hardware->Stage Control section. Although there is an "radial stage" option of Measurement Options->Stitching->Stage, no other menu items are directly related to this radial stage choice, including the circular stitching.

Stage-file stitching uses a user specified stage-file that provides the stage movement info to coordinate a series of consecutive observations.

Through a number of test with the buggy X-Y grid function, it is found that the stage-file stitching cannot accept the created stage files.

On loading the stage file, Vision complains: "please set up starting location", even if the Starting Options is clearly specified to either Use Current Location or Use Fixed Location.
If this message is ignored and followed by a measurement, a series of modal dialogs pop up, all titled "V32 Measurement Error", with message "Did not complete the measurement", "Did not complete the analysis", and another one titled "Done", with "Stage Sequence Completed", leaving us no results at all.

The grid stage works this way:
The task is devided into equal-sized rectangular neighbored grids
User has to specify observation points (with a customizable order) within a grid, these locations are identical to all grids.
Finally when a task is launched, the stage goes from a specified reference grid and move from left to right, back to front, traverse all in-grid observation points in the predefined order and stitch them together.

The output stage-file is in ASCII and completely readable.

There is not enough documentation showing how to complete stage-file stitching using the stage-grid file or free stage file.

No downloadable software updates were found on Veeco website.

circular stitching crash (July 19/06)

- circular stitching familiarization: specify inner/outer diameter (circular or annulus), optionally can select "learn" to manually pinpoint outer left edge/top edge/bot edge, etc., where it seems we were sometimes able to crash Vision, and once crash Windows in this manual mode (suspected it may be due to improper manual specification of annulus)
- blue screen: "The problem seems to be caused by the following file: bcam.sys"
- Technical Information: STOP: 0x00000050 (0xE0617000, 0x00000001, 0xF77192DD, 0x00000000)
- bcam.sys
- Address F77192DD
- Base at F7712000
- Date stamp 416ffae0